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Molding Type

2-plate mold

Is the eaier mold type, after the parts are assemble, they are mainly divided into fixed bolster plate and active bolster plate.
Fixed bolster plate is where we put material in(vertical runner busher)This side is female die process for the product's appearance.
Active bolster plate is on the side fixed on injection molding machine. After mold is compelet, we can eject the components through the mold.

1. Simple structure and easy to manufacturing.
2. Low cost and easy maintenance.
3. Suitable for simple shapes product.
4. Runner waste needs to be processed after eject the product.

When choosing 2-plate mold should notice the feature, including mold opening and closing conditions, ejection and runner situation.

3-plate mold

Except two plates ( male die and female die ) There is a horizontal plate deal with vertical runner and horizontal runner makes product easier and automatically draft and eject. Horizontal plate makes the product can eject easier from runner after the product is compelet.

1. The mold structure is more complicated and the mold opening takes more time.
2. Suitable for complex and large-scale product and the mold manufacture costs higer.
3. The runner and ejection can be separated by themselves which is easy for automation and high-speed production.

The different between 2-plate and 3-plate mold is 2-plate has「stripping plate」.
Purpose:Deal with vertical runner, horizontal runner and stripping.
Advantage:High-speed automation、Easy for runner design.
Application:Multi-cavity mold.

Mold steel category

Plastic eject material

Plastic mold steel type

  • Category by material there are perhardened and quenching-tempering two types.
  • Tea perhardened, category by hardness there are HRC10,20,30,40 four types. HRC40 steel can be considered for machinability.
  • Tea quenching-tempering, Generally supply annealing steel , after molding ejection that would be heaten for abjust its hardness accordding to its application.

Plastic mold dedicated steel type summary

(1)P20:It is widely used for general plastics molds such as groceries, car shells, appliance shells, etc.
(2)NAK80:Emanate hardened pre-hardened steel․ It is well-know mold steel with hardness in HRC40, which is widely used in general plastic components to molds for vinyl chloride plastics. The advantage of this material is that it's still can be carving and good polishability.
‧Stainless plastic mold steel
‧Extremely high purity
‧Excellent polishability
‧Good wear resistance

Plastic materials are distinguished according to the molecular structure of synthetic resins.
Thermoplastics and Thermosets:

Thermoplastics can be melted and recast almost indefinitely.
There are PE / PP / PVC / PS / ABS / PMMA / POM / PC / PA, etc.

Thermoset are composites made from resins which crosslink during curing.
Such as Phenolic plastic、Amino plastic、Melamine、Silicone。

For different application there are common use plastic such as PE / PP / PVC / PS, etc. industrial plastic such asABS / POM / PC / PA, etc. In addition, there are some special plastics such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosion resistance and other plastics modified for special purposes.


Producing process

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